“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Our Team


Henry Smith

Founder & CEO

After graduating from the University of Cambridge, Henry gained diverse experience in data science and engineering in the world of quant finance. Henry brought together a team of like-minded experts to found Sentium Consulting, a vehicle to drive forward his ideas and explore the many ways in which technology and innovation can transform business. Together, they work to develop new technologies that will revolutionise working processes for a broad range of industries.

Konrad Teichert – Partner


Konrad’s experience comes from the world of corporate finance. He has experience in in-house software development projects for a variety of multinational organizations. His responsibilities have included supporting teams working on complex web applications and client relations for companies such as GSA. Konrad is a RWTH Aachen Affiliate and works as part of the software development team. With an academic background in theoretical physics, Konrad has developed strong problem solving and analytical skills.


Dr Shantanu Banerjee

Executive Vice President

Shantanu brings with him over 25 years’ diverse experience in right-sourcing of IT services, solutioning and IT advisory across multiple technology domains, and industry verticals across the world. Shantanu has been guiding early stage growth through market development, systems and company build-out, within Continental European, UK and East European operations; focussing on industry-verticals of Retail & CPG, Financial Services, Telco & Healthtech/Healthcare coupled with tech-horizontals like Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, and AI/RPA/Machine learning initiatives. He has special interests in the areas of product/solution engineering, collaborative IT outsourcing and Remote Infra Managed Services. Shantanu had worked as Europe Geography Head/Country Head with NIIT Technologies (Coforge), Birlasoft, ITVantage, GAVS and DigiSpice, being based at London.


Daniel Morris

Technical manager

Daniel has a strong background in building successful technology businesses through a variety of senior leadership roles. He has experience leading the development and delivery of complex technical projects and solutions from end-to-end, across various sectors including Entertainment, Legal and Pharmacovigilance. Daniel is responsible for the technical delivery of bespoke products and services for some of Sentium’s key clients, with a personal focus placed on application performance, project agility and the needs of our end users.


Susan Olamide

Process manager

Susan is a PMO professional and technology advocate who has worked across multiple industries including Construction, Media, Renewable Energy, and Pharmaceuticals. She uses her knowledge of Prince 2 and Agile methodologies, to plan, oversee and lead projects from start to successful completion. Susan uses these skills to manage complex software projects at Sentium and to play a key role in the product design and delivery process.


Dr Mehul Pancholi

Senior Consultant

Dr Mehul Pancholi is an innovator who combines insightful consultancy skills with 25+ years’ hands-on expertise in commercial product development. Mehul has both a strong academic background with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, and broad enterprise experience in the medical device, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. He has been responsible for numerous innovations in the medical device field, including patented work on intelligent digital artificial spinal disk prosthetics and intelligent voice interfacing systems. Mehul uses his experience at Sentium to continue to deliver innovations at one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Dr Sandeep Shah

Dr Sandeep Shah

Senior Consultant

Sandeep is a Data & Analytics expert, with over 13 years’ experience in industries ranging from banking & finance, telecoms, food & grocery and pharma. He has a PhD in Statistics and has deep hands-on experience leading teams in data extraction, analysis and modelling projects, as well as delivering end-to-end analytics software solutions. Sandeep’s current role at Sentium involves grappling with complex data engineering challenges for world-leading pharmaceutical companies, building and delivering scalable data pipelines for their global Advanced Data & Analytics initiatives.


Ericsson Martins

Senior Consultant

Ericsson is an expert IT Consultant with over 15 years’ experience in the IT industry. With a diverse background working in many prestigious companies as a consultant, engineer or project manager. Most notably he gained invaluable experience as a software engineer at Airbus. Ericsson has a particular specialism in designing, developing and refining complex data management tools, and has deep experience implementing, modifying and extending business intelligence, data analytics and online productivity software products.