Pharma regulatory & compliance

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Streamline the compliance process

Minimise delays and reduce your time-to-market

Creating CTDs is a significant time sink for pharmaceutical companies, delaying product releases and contributing to costs. Off-the-shelf solutions are incapable of addressing the critical nuances of the regulatory process. Sentium deploys expert technical knowledge to create targeted solutions which bring the regulatory process into the 21st century. The result is immediate and immense time and cost savings, accelerating the delivery of vital medications to patients.

We have substantial experience working with the largest global pharma brands, and a deep understanding of the compliance process, as well as the unique requirements for data security, accuracy and confidentiality. Our clients trust us to deliver to the highest standards of quality and care.

Custom integrated data solutions

Build on your existing processes and workflows

Sentium develops highly customised solutions that integrate with your existing submissions process, reducing onboarding costs and ensuring the robustness and reliability of the end-to-end process. This approach allows us to deliver greater value than larger consultancies by precisely targeting your spend to where it is most beneficial.

We’re familiar with the extensive product lifecycle from research and development through to approval which is common to the industry. We build in futureproofing by using the latest technology and frameworks to ensure that the solutions we deliver continue to perform optimally over the long term.

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