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Accessible data at all levels

The power of Machine Learning in everyone’s hands

Restricted access to data doesn’t just hinder leaders; it restricts innovation at all levels of a business.

Our solutions empower your management team across sales, marketing, production or support to deliver the maximum value possible, with inefficient processes highlighted and eliminated and the most profitable opportunities ruthlessly prioritised.

This ensures that individuals throughout the business are able to make informed contributions, democratising information sharing rather than restricting it to a small group of specialists. Reducing silo-based thinking improves your competitive edge, and has a demonstrable effect on profitability.

Actionable insights from day one

Hit the ground running with immediate ROI

Our aim with each client project is to drive greater efficiency, which translates directly into greater profitability, resilience and innovation, and we don’t believe you should have to wait for months before the results become apparent.

Sentium’s solutions deliver significant returns on investment, with tangible and immediate benefits, right from the project launch.

We partner with Google Looker to create powerful, highly integrated, data experiences that deliver SOTA business intelligence in entirely bespoke solutions.

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