Real-time and historical analysis with Natural Language Processing and Apache Spark

Bespoke news analysis system for a quantitative hedge fund

We developed a bespoke news analysis system for a quantitative hedge fund to ingest, analyse, and act on vast news data sources.

We sourced over 5 million historical news articles and implemented a highly tailored analysis pipeline to enable our clients to develop new sophisticated trading algorithms.

This project involved the implementation of state-of-the-art NLP models for advanced linguistic processing and setting up a distributed Spark cluster to handle the high data volumes.

This system is currently in use by our client ingesting over 10,000 news articles daily in real-time to give their trading strategies a crucial edge over the competition.

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Clean and intuitive interface with backend integration

A modern React UI for a cloud services provider

We developed a modern UI for a fully-featured cloud services provider.

This included implementing highly secure user access controls, and integrating with Kubernetes backend APIs to develop a wide array of functionality. Users can create, configure, and deploy a range of services including virtual machines, networking, and Kubernetes clusters, with all this complexity packaged into a clean and intuitive interface.

Sentium delivered the project on-time, and on-budget and our client was more than satisfied.

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