Bespoke data solutions

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Custom solutions for specific needs

A tailored approach that creates the perfect fit

Off-the-shelf data software can often cause more problems than it solves – either it’s too simple to deliver useful insights, or too complex to effectively set up and use with your existing systems and processes, and you end up paying for functionality which you don’t need or can’t use.

Sentium offers a different approach, investing the time to fully understand your business and creating solutions which map to your precise needs.

We consult with you throughout, from the solution design, through to the build and implementation, to ensure that the finished product addresses each of your requirements and is easy to embed into your workflow.

Seamless integration with existing systems

Build on the assets you already have in place

We deploy the latest frameworks and technologies, combined with a broad array of expertise across diverse sectors to identify how best integrate our solution and make it an integral part of your workflow. We work with your existing assets to reduce duplication and control costs, as well as facilitating efficient onboarding.

Our solutions are customised to plug into the specific segments of the data lifecycle which you need to address or improve, from data ingestion at the source to pipelines and warehousing, to advanced data transformation, and finally extracting and delivering insights.

Our Expertise

Together, we can create something revolutionary.

Ready to transform your relationship with your data?

Ready to transform your relationship with your data?

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